It's a common task of 3D animation to combine live-action footage with digital elements, without giving away the final image as a collage. This opens up a wealth of possibilities. For example a realty developer can have us create a film that shows a direct target-performance of a place. Shooting-locations can be architecturally modified according to your needs, and even combined from different places and times.

These modifications require complex alteration of the live-action footage during post-production, as well as a lot of experience in the fields of 3D match-moving, 3D animation and compositing. This is where our clients benefit from our widespread know-how, our production-proofed workflows and toolsets.

Footage receives its required look in post-production. This includes motion-graphics and overlays based on your CI as well as color-timing the footage itself. Color-correction as the last step of post-production equalizes the mood and feel of your film throughout the shots, defining the emotional impact of your production.

REBUSmedia 3D Animation