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As we are producing 3D animations for almost 20 years now, a huge amount of 3D models has been generated along the way. 3D models from all industry branches and several fields of applications were realized. Our 3D models cover anything from characters, machinery, buildings and structures to furniture, interiors, cars, logos, and so forth. Ranging from highly detailed 3D models usable for close-ups, to low-poly 3D models for real-time applications everything has been done.

All of our 3D models have been constructed in Autodesk 3D Studio Max and are sometimes already lit, textured and shaded for use with VRay. We own the intellectual rights to most of our produced 3D models, so we offer those for sale, to make your daily life as 3D animator easier without worrying about licensing. 3D models Download Turbosquit

Why model it again when there are 3D models of it available? Buy it for a couple of dollars at the shop and focus on the more important areas of your project. No need to purchase expensive bundles of 3D models either, just pick the 3D models you really need for your animation.

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