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Since we are working in the field of 3D animation and 3D model building for nearly 20 years now, our own 3D model collection has grown bigger and bigger. For every field of application and industry branch there's at least one 3D model, be it characters, machines, architecture and other structures, furniture, interiors, cars, logos, and so forth. For every high-detail 3D model suitable for close-up rendering there's a low-poly 3D model for real time usage.

Each 3D model in our library has been modeled with Autodesk 3D Studio Max, and some of them already include a lighting setup and materials suitable for the VRay renderer. Since we make sure that a 3D model created for a project remains our own intellectual property, we are able to offer them for sale, to make your work as a 3D animator simpler, without caring about licensing issues. 3D Model Download Turbosquit

It is unnecessary to make a 3D model that has already been done... buy it for a few dollars at the store and deal with other parts of your project. Also you don't need to buy a costly 3D model bundle, simply choose the exact 3D model you need for your animation.

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